Baby Falls Kayaking

Baby Falls Kayakers

A few weekends ago, I hooked up with Jerry Denham, Alex Banakas and Kristi Massey at Baby Falls in the Great Smoky Mountains for a day of shooting. Jerry and Alex had put together a half-day waterfall workshop for some local acquaintances. Kristi and I were just along for the ride! Only one participant actually attended so he had all of our attention at one point or another.

While on our way back into town for lunch we passed a few vehicles loaded with kayaks. Our plans quickly changed and we decided to head back after a quick bite to shoot the kayakers hitting the falls. Now it was my turn to learn! I had never shot any fast action sports so I needed a bit of help. Jerry has shot kayakers and regularly shoots local basketball games so he new exactly how to setup. After a few pointers we were all set and ready to shoot.

In all, 5 kayakers took the plunge over Baby Falls. I caught several shots of each one as they made their way over the falls. Instead of posting just a few of the images I thought it would be nice to add a slideshow of the all 30 images from the gallery. I had a blast shooting these so take a minute and view them all if you have a couple of minutes.

Processing was fairly simple for these, I just added a layer of Tonal Contrast, Saturation and Sharpening in Perfect Effects. Once I had the first image processed I saved the preset and applied it in batch mode to the remaining images.

Google Map Info: 35.326715, -84.176340

Gear: Canon EOS 6D, Canon EF 24-105mm

Software: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, OnOne Software Perfect Photo Suite 7

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