Frozen In Time

We’ve all seen that end-of-the-world movie at some point with abandoned cars lining the streets their owners long since gone. Walking through the mass of discarded vehicles over the weekend scenes like this would occasionally flash through my mind. The arrangement of some of the vehicles seemed to work perfectly for a shot that could embody that same sense of abandonment. This particular row stood out since the cars are facing in opposite directions making them look as if they were passing in traffic one moment and empty the next, left to the whims of Mother Nature.

I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with the presets you can use in some editing software and generally stay away from them choosing instead to manually develop the image. The hate side of this relationship comes from a feeling that I’m somehow creating a canned image, even if I tweak the settings before exporting. The love side is being able to look at which settings were manipulated to create a certain look and learn from them. With this image I decided to take the high road and love them for a change. I wanted an antiqued feel but I wasn’t quite getting there with the changes I was making. I did end up tweaking the preset to suit my needs and I guess that’s what you’re supposed to do since presets are not meant to be “once size fits all”.

Camera settings: Canon 60D, Canon EF-S 18-135mm Lens, 35mm, ISO100, f/4.5, 9-brackets

Processing: Adobe Lightroom 3, Photomatix Pro, Topaz Adjust

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