Gathering Leaves

After shooting yesterday’s image, I drove around a 1/2 mile down stream so I could hike back upstream to catch some of the falls that dot Big Tumbling Creek. This time last year everything in this image was underwater but the lack of serious rainfall over the last few months has really taken its toll on the river. The lower water levels create an entirely different look and feel in these large mountain rivers and present you with a whole new range of possible compositions. Instead of chaotic torrents and rapids you get fast moving flows that can create almost abstract reflections.

I shot this knowing that I would be cropping quite a bit from the bottom of the image. The rock in the foreground simply took up too much of the image for my tastes but I wanted to keep the entire horizontal span. I opted for a 16:9 crop which, for me, seems to work well.

Processing was pretty basic with the application of a few landscape filters in PhotoTools then a Brightness/Contrast layer and High Pass sharpening filter in Photoshop. I also used a Hue/Saturation layer to reduce some of the more prominent fringe and tinting along the wet rock layers. Noise reduction was done in Lightroom before exporting.

Gear: Canon 60D, Canon EF-S 18-135mm

Settings: 22mm, ISO100, f/16, 4 seconds, ND4

Processing: Adobe Lightroom 3, Adobe Photoshop CS5, OnOne PhotoTools 2.6

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