One Light

One Light Composite

I have been working on my flash and light modifier skills lately. I don’t have a beauty dish but I do have a silver umbrella and a huge diffuser so I DIY’d one! I setup the umbrella at 45 degrees directly above the camera and mounted the diffuser using a reflector arm immediately in front of it. The silver umbrella by itself creates a harsh light that falls off very fast. The white diffuser helps to soften and disperse the light. I was really surprised at the difference made in the quality of the light simply by placing the diffuser in front of the umbrella.

I shot this on a white background and used OnOne Software’s Perfect Layers to composite in a textured background. I used Perfect Portrait for retouching and Perfect Effects to heavily blur the background. The most surprising part of processing was that I didn’t have to use Photoshop at all. This all came together with Lightroom and Perfect Photo Suite 7.

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